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Julia Moir

Deputy Editor In Chief

Julia Seiler, born in 1995, is an American currently living in Scotland. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies with minor certifications in Marketing and Creative Writing from Stetson University, her Master of Literature in Creative Writing from The University of Aberdeen, and is currently undertaking her Ph.D. at Robert Gordon University where she is researching The Self-Presentation of Poets: Modern Poets and their Digital Personae. She focuses on social media and online communities.

The publishing field has always interested Julia, as she aspires to be a published fiction author. All things related to reading and writing catch Julia's attention. Aside from reading and writing, she also loves yoga, playing piano, and her little family: her partner, son, and dog.

Julia's areas of interest and expertise are creative writing, contemporary literature, poetry, sociology, music, digital marketing and social media, editing and proofreading, interpersonal and intercultural relationships, and more.

Julia Moir
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