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Greta Valentina Galimberti


Greta Valentina Galimberti was born in 1990 in Milan, Italy, where she lives. She always had a passion for telling stories, for languages, culture and travel, so her studies followed a complex path which includes all her passions. In 2015 she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Milan and in 2016 she got a Masters of Arts in Creative Writing at the Plymouth University (United Kingdom), followed by a Master in Digital Photography at the John Kaverdash Academy of Milan in 2017. After this specialization she worked as a professional Photographer, and in the years 2019-2022 she trained as a Journalist, working in a Press Office specialized in culture, startups, new technologies and sustainability. Finally she obtained her National Journalists Register’s card and from May 2022 she works as a Freelance Journalist and Photojournalist.

During her teenage and first phase of adulthood she attended many theatre courses and she played in several theatrical shows in Milan and in the North of Italy. From this theatrical experience she learned to evaluate people and pay attention to the real meaning of the words, which not always is in broad daylight.

Her specialty areas as a culture lover and a Journalist are languages, literature and art, while as a Photographer and Photojournalist she is more specialized in portraits and in social and travel reportage.
She is also interested in science and history of migrations, and she loves talking about food. She loves reading and writing and travel is still her way to discover the world and its endless different cultures, and to turn its beauty from invisible into visible.

Specialty areas:

• Theatre
• English, Spanish, French and Italian literature
• Art and Photography
• Travel

Greta Valentina Galimberti

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