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Jazz Age 101

Exploring the Vibrant Era of American History...

One of the most important eras of American history, the Jazz Age, started after World War I and ended with the outbreak of the Great Depression in 1929. This era offered new images and terms of both literature and culture in a wide spectrum. In this period, the United States went through a huge transition and began to prosper in music, literature, economy, policy, and technology. In 'The Roaring Twenties', known also as 'the Golden Age', divergent cultures gathered in one pot and shaped the decade with their own unique characteristics. This age changed American culture dramatically and, still affects it today. Therefore, it is crucial to gain knowledge of the Jazz Age in order to better understand American culture and literature. In each article, the Jazz age series will cover the stories of people from different backgrounds to enlarge readers' perspectives.

Jazz Age 101 is mainly divided into five chapters including:

1. Jazz Age 101: A New Beginning

2. Jazz Age 101: 1920s In America

3. Jazz Age 101: Lost Generation

4. Jazz Age 101: Harlem Renaissance

5. Jazz Age 101: New Women

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