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Zişan Doğdu


Zişan Doğdu, was born and raised in Turkey in 2000. She is currently studying English Language and Literature in Gaziantep University. She studied in Zagreb University as an Erasmus student.

Her interest in English goes back to the time when she was in elementary school, trying to translate English songs into Turkish by herself. She wanted to learn both meanings and the story behind the songs.

Thus; her journey with literature and translation started. She translated short-stories into Turkish. She sees literature as a limitless world. To her, Literature is a source of everything, visual arts to knowledge. She became obsessed with literature when she was in high school, seeking new information about politics and arts.

She studied German as a third language in university. Besides literature and language, she is interested in such areas as Psychology, Astrology, and Philosophy.

In her free time, she likes to travel, to read, listen to music and currently, practicing violin.

Her speciality areas are:

• Poetry
• Language Acquisition
• English History
• Gender Studies
• Translation

Zişan Doğdu


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