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Yuliia Sivitska


Yuliia Sivitska was born in Poltava Ukraine. She is currently living in Spain. She graduated from the Finance and Credit department at Poltava State Technical University in 2014.

After her Masters degree, she started to work as a copywriter in an agency. She wrote advertising copy for use by publication, broadcast or internet media to promote the sale of goods and services. Her customers were: travel agencies, hotels, consulting companies, and online shops. Also, her responsibility was to write magazine articles on such topics as: health, beauty, career, self-development, relationships and so on.

İn order to continue her education she did a PhD in Economics at Poltava State Agrarian University in 2021. The thesis topic was "Business valuation of the integral property complex of the agricultural holding for investment purposes".

As a person she considers herself as self-motivated, industrious, diligent, and resilient. She believes that self-education is a necessary life-long process.
Moreover, she likes to learn foreign languages. Except for native language, she speaks English and Spanish.

Her specialty areas are:

• Finance and Credit
• Business Valuation
• Economy

Yuliia Sivitska


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