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Yoran Praet


Born in 2000, in Montreal, Canada, Yoran Praet holds degrees in Screenwriting and Creative
Writing, Cinema and Communications. An avid cinephile growing up in a bilingual community,
he started reading a plethora of screenplays in both French and English as early as his high
school days. He later earned a college degree in Cinema and Communications and a BA from
the University of Montreal in Screenwriting and Creative Writing.

Yoran first worked as Project Coordinator in film production, managing four projects
simultaneously in the course of a year and ensuring their success. His teams comprised writers,
directors, actors, stage technicians and ASD students.

In his spare time, Yoran reads any and all screenplays he can get his hands on. In addition to
reading, he writes screenplays, always learning and improving his craft. He earned a
semifinalist ranking twice in Writer Duet’s 48H Screenplay Throwdown and a top 10% rating
from WeScreenplay 2022 TV Contest.


● Screenwriting
● Narratology
● Film Production

Yoran Praet


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