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Yoran Praet


Yoran Praet is a screenwriter born in 2000 in Montreal, Canada. He first obtained a college degree in Film where he first developed his skills as a screenwriter. Soon after, he earned a degree in Screenwriting from the University of Montreal where he learned the ins and outs of story development. Additionally, he helped and mentored students to better understand the form of screenplay and story design.

Yoran works as a screenwriter. In 2021, he earned a semifinalist ranking in the first screenplay competition he entered, beating over 900 submissions. Following this achievement, he participated in two even more competitive screenplay contests, reaching a semifinalist rank for both, one in 2022 and the other in 2023.

Leading large teams of writers, directors, actors, and editors, Yoran managed the production of four film projects simultaneously. In total, they were awarded 8 nominations at the Youth Fusion 2022 Film Gala.

In his spare time, he reads professional screenplays and provides script coverage for aspiring writers and independent filmmakers.


● Screenwriting
● Story Development
● Film Production

Yoran Praet


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