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Simona Alexandra Dinu


Simona Alexandra Dinu was born in 2001 in Romania. She lived her childhood in a small town, developing variegated passions raging from science to art as she grew up. Hence, she followed a
natural sciences track in her highschool, while taking care of hobbies such as singing or playing guitar, embroidering, painting, or handcrafting in her free time.

At the age of 18, Simona moved to the Netherlands to study Molecular Life Sciences, degree that was concluded with a fruitful internship about self-assembling polymers. Having lived in this prospering country for over three years opened her eyes to more opportunities than she knew previously and helped her shape the ideal course for what she wants from her career and life. She continues to live the life of a scientist with a touch of creativity: aspiring to study a master’s in Forensic Science while holding dear her crafty aptitudes.

Her specialty areas are

• Molecular biology
• Nanomedicine
• Polymer chemistry
• Computational chemistry

Simona Alexandra Dinu


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