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Sara Manente


Sara Manente was born in the Venetian countryside, Italy in 1998. Ever since she can remember she has loved reading and writing, an interest that ended up guiding her academic journey. She completed a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Padua in Italian Literature and Linguistics, and later graduated from a Comparative Literature Master’s at the University of Amsterdam. Here she deepened her understanding of the dynamics of the literary and the political, grounding her interest in contemporary social issues and popular culture through theoretical research. In her Master’s thesis she discussed the reappropriation of the figure of the witch as an empowering symbol both for pop culture and feminist movements, in particular through the analysis of its representation as a grotesque, Kristevian abject in Egger’s film “The Witch”.

Since then she has accepted a job offer in Portugal, following her other passion: exploring new places and learning about different cultures and languages. She believes engaging with multiple perspectives is essential for her personal and intellectual development, and has found that the best way to do that is to experience life in unfamiliar environments and surrounded by diverse people.

Specialty areas:

• Feminist theory
• Contemporary literary analysis
• Gender studies
• Medias and pop culture

Sara Manente


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