Rodrigo Bielma Silva


Rodrigo Bielma Silva was born in 1995, in Mexico. At the age of 18, he started his bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Interested in the Nordic countries, he participated in an exchange program in Turku, Finland, during his bachelor’s degree.

His bachelor’s thesis talks about Islamophobia, education, and Nordic identity. After his studies, he started working as an Analytics assistant in Mexico City, until he got a full scholarship for a master’s degree in European Studies at Aarhus University, in Denmark.

As part of his studies, he worked as an intern at the NGO, where he got experience in communications and HR tasks. His master’s thesis revolves around the EU discourse on the Poland-Belarus border crisis, focusing on its problematic construction of migrants.

His specialty areas are:

• International relations and European affairs
• Migration and racism
• LGBT+ issues

Rodrigo Bielma Silva