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Rebecca Ivory


Rebecca Ivory was born in the year 2000 in the county of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Her philosophical endeavour began when she started studying Philosophy and Ethics as an A-level. Having enjoyed this kind of study so much, Rebecca chose to pursue a BA in Philosophy at the University of York (‘UoY’). During her time at York, Rebecca was not only introduced to academia but grew to enjoy written research work. So much so, Rebecca had her first paper published in the UoY Philosophy journal Dialectic. Her essay, included in the ‘Trauma and Philosophy’ edition, explores the merits and downsides of diagnosing trauma survivors with PTSD given they meet the diagnostic criteria. Indeed, Rebecca’s paper reflects her research interests in the field of mental health. Rebecca throughout her undergraduate has become enthusiastic about the applicability of Philosophy to other subject areas such as Psychiatry, Medicine, and Physics.

After graduating from York in 2021, and due to such an interest in the application of Philosophy, Rebecca took her studies further in an MSc in Philosophy of Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her recent MSc thesis is a 10,000-word critical evaluation of the Medical Model and its representation of Psychiatry. Rebecca has completed qualitative research in this field including patient-facing fieldwork in mental health hospitals. She enjoys writing on the subject, via a philosophical lens, with the key aim to make a meaningful difference in the world of mental health research.

Rebecca hopes to share her passion for Philosophy—and how it may be applied—with others through her research and writing. Her interests otherwise lie in motorsports and classic cars, of which Rebecca also writes about. As a proud petrol head and sports fan, Rebecca enjoys watching and participating in most sports. During her undergraduate she was a rower in the University of York Boat Club, for instance.

Her specialty areas are:
• History and Philosophy of Science
• Philosophy and Ethics, in particular Business and Organisational Ethics
• Philosophy of Medicine and Psychiatry

Rebecca Ivory


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