Nuria Arias


Nuria Arias was born in Argentina, 1994. In her teenage years, she started taking English lessons and began to write stories and poems for the sake of leisure in her mother tongue. After highschool, she enrolled in Lenguas Vivas to become a teacher of English as a Second Language. As her college taught her English and its culture and history, she managed to merge her interests and knowledge in order to write for academic and creative purposes. She lived in the USA for a year and studied at Los Angeles Valley College, where she
took subjects such as English 101 and English for Critical Thinking 103. Although she spent a brief time at LAVC, it was an enriching experience in terms of content and academic writing. After coming back to her home country, she was offered a teaching position in Rosario de Lerma Teacher Training College, where she currently teaches Academic Writing and English Literature.

In her free time, Nuria plays the guitar, writes music, does journaling and draws. Apart from that, she likes travelling and going for long walks to marvel at the breathtaking landscapes and rock formations of the Calchaqui Valleys in her hometown, Salta. She is also a lover of dogs and plants.

Nowadays, Miss Arias is also a language student as she is studying Turkish at Yunus Emre Language Institute. At the same time, she is carrying out a research project about the resemblances between the English Language with Turkish and how previous knowledge of English enables learners to have a better performance in Turkish. During her professional life,

Miss Arias has specialized in teaching ESL (English as a Second Language), teaching adults, creative and academic writing. She currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Teaching and a Master’s degree in English Education Specialized in Linguistics. However, she is pursuing more experience and education with regard to the aforementioned fields as well as intercultural exchange and learning Turkish.

Her specialty areas is
• Linguistics
• English Education
• Turkish Language

Nuria Arias