Nikolett Mondovics


Mondovics Nikolett, was born in 1993 in Hungary. She grew up in a moderate sized village and went to elementary school there. Her high school studies concentrated on Communication and Media, but she decided to apply to the University of Szeged’s Department of English Studies for her higher education. She is specializing in Translation and Interpreting, while the main focus of her schooling is Literature. Besides working on her degree, she had the opportunity to obtain a license in Trade.

Her main hobbies are reading and traveling. Her taste in books is very broad, ardently loving Classical works of literature in one moment and fluttering towards fan fictions the day after. Nikolett is also a video game enthusiast, particularly regarding RPG-s and story driven games.

Her specialty areas are:
• Translation
• Comparative Literature
• Pop Culture

Nikolett Mondovics