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Mitchell Welsh


Mitchell Welsh was born in Scotland in 1999 in the countryside of East Ayrshire. His first love has always been history, and he pursued a MA in History with the University of Glasgow, graduating in 2020 at the age of sixteen. Having never lived abroad before and finding a growing interest in security policy and regional governance, he moved to Berlin to obtain a second MA in International Affairs with the Hertie School of Transnational Governance.

Over time, Mitchell has worked in many walks of life. From a security guard and English teacher to interning with the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, he has dipped his toe into many different fields. He is immensely proud of his work so far, having been published with Centre on ethnic tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as being involved in many grass root projections during his tenure as a board member of the Queen Margaret Union.

In his free time, he enjoys tabletop wargaming and other board games, as well as video games, touring historical spots of interest in Berlin, and reading science-fiction.

His areas of interest include:

• West African security and regional governance
• Imperial history, with a focus on Germany, the United Kingdom, and France
• Humanitarian action

Mitchell Welsh


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