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Melanie Rose Gazvoda


Melanie Rose Gazvoda was born in the year 2000, in Bradford, Canada. From a young age, she always kept a journal, which allowed her to reflect on life and human nature. She has always had an interest in making stories; from writing short films to short tales. She has a strong passion for writing, which was inspired by her high school teachers, who pushed her to become stronger in her jargon. She went on to achieve an honours BFA degree in Screenwriting and Creative Writing from York University. This is where she found a platform that allowed her to excel in her writing at the magazine The Artichoke. She has worked many jobs in her life including: a lifeguard, swim instructor, landscaper, magazine writer, and server. Now she works at tile master as a salesperson and a writer for Arcadia. When she is not writing for Arcadia, she is painting, writing poetry, reading, or playing the guitar.

Her main specialty areas are:

· Film
· Literature
· Art

Melanie Rose Gazvoda


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