Melanie Lange


As an avid reader and literature enthusiast, Melanie Lange believes that words have the power to inspire, connect, and transform our lives. Hence she decided to turn her passion into a career and dreams of becoming a novelist. Melanie graduated from the University of Groningen with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Culture and a master’s degree in Writing, Editing, and Mediating. Her passport says she’s German, but she’s international at heart and has called the UK, the Netherlands, and Denmark her home in the past. She currently works as a freelance journalist, writer, and copyeditor.

Melanie takes a particular interest in women’s writing and gender equality. She aims to amplify underrepresented voices and create content that inspires others to help her make this world a better place.
When she’s not reading or discussing literary topics, you’ll find her writing her own poetry or travelling the world.

His main specialty areas are:

• English Literature
• Feminist Philosophy and Theory
• Gender Studies
• Children’s Literature
• Theatre Studies

Melanie Lange