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Megan Maistre


Megan Maistre, was born and raised in Malta in 1999 before moving to Cardiff, UK to begin her undergraduate in English Literature and Creative Writing. This exposed her to a wide variety of literary genres, allowing her an educated frame of reference when exploring contemporary work. Captivated by the creative element of her studies, she then went on to complete a Master’s Degree at Cardiff University in Creative Writing- concentrating particularly on screenwriting. She dedicated her final postgraduate dissertation to capturing the authentic character and ambience of her home country within a short film.

Across her education, her academic interests have always centred around modern drama, scriptwriting and filmography, and contemporary works by minority writers. Megan’s research and writing has always had the central focus of augmenting diverse representation and understanding literature’s role in effecting social change.

Her main specialty areas:

• English Literature
• Screenwriting
• Modern Film and Drama

Megan Maistre


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