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Maya Sirotin


Maya Sirotin was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. From an early age, Maya always had an interest in the social sciences and pursued courses such as psychology and economics. Looking to find a way to combine her interests with her passion for writing, she joined the school newspaper and literary magazine. In addition to this, she led the environmental club and worked to create informational posts to increase knowledge about sustainability practices.

Maya is currently a bachelor's student at Leiden University studying Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. Not only does this program allow her to engage with her topics of interest, such as environmentalism, sexism, and LGBTQ+ issues, but it allows her to face them head-on through fieldwork. She is particularly interested in medical anthropology and media anthropology and hopes to continue her studies in the Netherlands once she completes her bachelor's.

In her free time, Maya likes to read, watch films, and listen to music with friends.

Her specialty areas are:

• Cultural Anthropology
• Sociology
• Human Rights

Maya Sirotin


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