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Maya Sánchez Urrutia


Maya Sánchez was born in 1998 in Panama City, the capital city of the small Central
American country of Panama. She was raised within a deeply cultured family and showed an
interest in the humanities very early on. Her love for literature and history evolved into the
pursuit of an academic career in the field during her adolescence.

She enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York to study History before
moving to Europe and finishing her degree in the University of Navarre. While studying she
was able to explore various fields of study including archeology and paleography. She is a
person driven by a hunger for knowledge and looked at history as a sort of “science of

She continues her postgraduate studies in EINA in Barcelona, specializing in exhibition
creation and curatorship. Aside from her studies and professional life she enjoys visiting local
galleries and museums, reading and sowing new items of clothing. She is further involved
with the arts as a classically trained ballet dancer and has been going to class since she was 3
years old.

Her specialty areas are:

• Spanish history
• Romanticism
• Art history

Maya Sánchez Urrutia


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