Marzhan Zhailau


Marzhan Zhailau, born in January 2002, capricorn. Originally, she is from Kazakhstan, but currently resides in Germany to pursue her childhood dreams to become a politician. She has graduated from Jacobs University Bremen with a background in International Relations: Politics and History, defending her thesis on the topic of “Analysis of natural gas supply market for the EU”.

Currently, she is working at a consultancy as a Research Associate on various projects from winery to airspace industries helping companies to progress in their business. Prior, she gained experience interning at the embassy of Kazakhstan in Germany, practically introducing herself to the foreign affairs, culture of diplomacy and the importance of members of foreign services and diplomatic corps. 

In her spare time, she loves to play table tennis and billiard. She feels free and calm when she writes. Guilty pleasure is four cups of coffee a day. 

Her specialty areas include:

· Resource Politics
· Sustainability 
· Energy

Marzhan Zhailau