Mary Behan


Mary Behan, is originally from the state of Rhode Island in the US and currently lives in Valencia, Spain. In 2014, she completed her B.A. in Chinese at Middlebury College in Vermont, USA. After working in the education sector in China, Mary moved to Spain. In 2021, she received her master’s degree in Advanced Hispanic Studies: Applications and Research from the University of Valencia, where she studied literature and linguistics in Spanish.

Having lived abroad for eight years, Mary is passionate about the exchange of culture and multicultural perspectives. She will read anything from classic literature to science fiction and fantasy, has always maintained a deep love for editing and creative writing. In Valencia, she works as a freelance copy editor, writing tutor, and Spanish tutor.

Her specialty areas are :
• Chinese literature and sociolinguistics
• Spanish literature and language
• Intercultural competence in foreign language education
• Creative writing

Mary Behan