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Martin Chef


Martin Chef was born in 1994 in Auxerre, in Burgundy, France. After getting his high-school
diploma, he did a year in the “Hypokhâgne” literary school in Dijon and then proceeded to
the University of Dijon, where he graduated in Modern Languages and Literature. After his
bachelor, willing to discover new horizons, he moved to the south of Italy, to Cagliari,
Sardegna in order to get a master degree in modern American and European Languages and

He is currently finishing to write his related tesis about the intuitist poetic. It’s
indeed at the University of Cagliari, and thanks to the “Intuitist” artistic movement, that he
published his first poetic and academic works, leading to various collaborations with different
universities, mainly in France and Italy, such as the Università di Palermo, or the Sorbonne in
Paris. Some of his works are available in literary periodicals, such as Skéné, or Noria. It is
also possible to read his works as a poet in varied anthologies, published by the
“l’Harmattan” editions, or by the “Classiques-Garnier”. Besides this academic formation
and poetic works, Martin Chef is also an enthusiastic lover of the “popular culture”, in many
of its different iterations, such as comic books or video games. This taste for the cultural
eclectism is palpable in many of his writings, as he reads the latest comics releases with the
same enthusiasm than the medieval and modern poetry.

Speciality areas:

• Modern European literature
• Poetry
• Graphic novels and comic books

Martin Chef


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