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Marin Matsuzaka


Marin Matsuzaka is a fairy of words, letters and poetry. Her childhood was coloured with reading and exploring the world of books.

She holds an M.Phil. degree in Irish Writing from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc from the University of Aberdeen. Her academic experience across arts and science widened her perspectives of the world.

This fairy was called by literature, folklore and Celtic&Viking studies when she was at University College Dublin. There she developed her insight into the academic areas while she enjoyed playing low whistle at pub sessions in Dublin.

After completing her undergraduate, she decided to go deeper into Irish/Anglo-Irish literature at Trinity, where she contributed as a class representative as well as at the University of Aberdeen.

Her passion, devotion and curiosity towards literature and arts have no end. They have become her entire life. She would like to pursue her further academic path in those fields.
She also writes poems herself, hoping to publish her book someday.

Her speciality areas are:

● Irish/Anglo-Irish literature
● Poetry
● Irish/English/Scottish/Welsh folklore, myths and legends
● Fairy tales
● Celtic and Viking studies

Marin Matsuzaka


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