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Maria Inês Marreiros


Maria Inês Marreiros was born in 1993 in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2016, she received a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics and is currently finishing her PhD degree in infectious diseases. Recently, she has successfully made the leap from academia to industry. Inês moved to Tres Cantos in Madrid where she currently works at GSK, allowing her to pursue her passion of having a patient-oriented role.

Inês believes her innate curiosity and passion for teaching and sharing knowledge underly her aspiration to become a scientific writer. The areas that interest her the most include research and development, scientific innovation and game-changing medical advances. She also enjoys writing in her blog about her academic experience and seeks to provide little pieces of advice that may help PhD students to sail smoothly through their doctoral studies.

In her spare time, Inês enjoys travelling, doing outdoor activities including trekking and spending time with her dog, Cajú.

Her main specialty areas are:

• Infectious Diseases
• Host-pathogen interactions
• Metabolism
• Molecular biology

Maria Inês Marreiros


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