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Maisie Cu


Maisie Cu (nee Thu Thao Cu) was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. She started her GCSEs at a boarding school in Brighton and Hove in The UK and later finished her A levels in Maths, Psychology, English, and Fine Arts alongside the NCEA curriculum in New Zealand. It was in New Zealand that Maisie became politically active with her involvement in the United Nations Youth and Aotearoa Youth Declaration alongside Amnesty International concerning the issue of mental health, immigration, and feminism. However, a trip down to the Beehive Parliament in Wellington challenged Maisie’s previous beliefs when she was introduced to the thoughts of Roger Scruton, Christopher Hitchens, Milton Friedman, and Douglass Murray. She found herself in a position of a contrarian at 18, for her concern is deeply rooted in respect of the shared Common Law and the beauty of Fine Arts and Literature. She took a year off to travel to Southeast Asia, where she gave a TEDx talk and was funded to work as an Innovator for YSI SEA (Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia) in Singapore.

She moved to Canada to study for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at Ontario College of Arts and Design University in Toronto and has remained there. She is currently a holding member at the Toronto Heterodox Academy, which promote diversity of views across the North American campus, alongside a member of MUNK debates. She makes art, reads poetry and Camille Paglia, alongside writes extensively on culture and politics (although the two lives tend to be kept separate as she wants to avoid the cross-over of her two domains, Art and Laws). She is a versatile writer who includes short stories, poetry and flash fiction, political comment on art and cultures, play reviews, movie reviews, and other knick knacks.
She published her first Independent Research as an Academic on Helen Frankenthaler’s Protect Renoir: A defense of female sexuality in the age of political correctness, which was mentioned in various research papers on Academia.

Maisie took a break from politics and focused solely on her paintings until she accepted her current position as a writer at Arcadia. She currently works as a Content/Copy Writer in Toronto.

Her area of specialty is:

• 20th/21st Century Politics
• 1980s American Cinema
• Classical Antiquity
• Philosophy (specifically Phenomenology, Existentialism)
• Classical Philosophy
• Literary Modernism
• Ethics

Maisie Cu


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