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Lucia Cisterni


Lucia was born on 1998 in Italy. She has been living in a multicultural family since her mother is French while her dad is Italian. Because of this, she decided to study languages at high school and choose to focus on French, Spanish and English. On top of this, she decided to specialize in humanistic subjects like philosophy, literature, history, and art. In this period, she was able to make school travels in France, Spain, England and Australia. After high school, she took a gap year to travel some more and went to New Zealand and Indonesia. Then, after being accepted at the University of Stirling she moved to Scotland to make a one year course in Journalism and Latin American Studies. Once she completed the course, she decided to move to the Netherlands where she made a three years bachelor in Media & Culture with a focus on Film Studies and Communication Science. She graduated at the Universiteit Van Amsterdam in 2022 with a thesis on racism in Disney cartoons. At 24 years old, after five years of travelling and studying, she decided to move back to Italy where she started working for a tech company where she takes care of the national and international partnerships.

Her speciality areas are:

• Film
• Media
• Communication studies
• Literature
• Phylosophy

Lucia Cisterni


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