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Lorenzo Bragagnolo Carlon


Born in 2000 in a small town in North-East Italy, Lorenzo Bragagnolo Carlon quickly became fascinated with the encounter with the unknown, attracted by the inspiration, emotionality, and ironically knowledge this could bring about. While attending high school, he chose to apply for a high-school exchange, which eventually led him to spend a year in a city in Southern Chile. Once he was done with his secondary school studies, he decided to pursue the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies offered by Leiden University and taught in the vibrant context of The Hague. He graduated cum laude from this interdisciplinary degree with a specialization in the African region, while dedicating most of his research and writing to issues related to environmental economics, ecocentric ontologies and sustainable agriculture. His interest for environmental studies was further enhanced by the academic consultancy for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and by his stay in permaculture farms and ecovillages in Portugal.

Fond of meditative practices and inquisitive about spirituality, from personal as well as societal angles, Lorenzo has been recently dedicated to reading texts pertaining to religious studies, post-colonial theory, as well as deconstruction and Western philosophy. Moreover, he spent time in Buddhist and Catholic monasteries and hermitages.

He has been an active practitioner of different sports and martial arts. Right now he mainly dedicates to capoeira and calisthenics. Moreover, he is deeply interested in writing, photography, cinema and music.

Areas of expertise:

• Political Economy
• Environmental Economics
• Cultural Studies

Lorenzo Bragagnolo Carlon


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