Jelena Martinec


Jelena Martinec, was born in 1995 in the city of Kragujevac, Serbia. She studies Serbian language and literature at The Faculty of Philology & Arts in her home town. She is passionate about researching literature, writing and teaching.

In 2021 she got accepted as a volunteer at the Historical Archives of Šumadija where she was able to work with old, rare books and documents dating back to the 18th century. That experience deepened her interest in history and its relation to literary artworks, as well as postmodern theory.
She has a longstanding fascination with philosophy. Her attention is continually focused on finding universal ideas that are rooted in, but extend beyond national cultures, reaching toward the Truth of the human condition.

Her main specialty areas are:
• Comparative literature
• Literary criticism
• Stylistics

Jelena Martinec