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Isabella Daniele


Isabella Daniele was born in 1997 in Montreal, Quebec.

She holds a master’s degree in Social Cultural Anthropology from the University of Toronto and a bachelor’s degree in Honours Anthropology with a minor in History from McGill University. Her master’s thesis ethnographically explored care through practices of labour, encounter and pilgrimage surrounding a local Marian devotion.

From a young age, she enjoyed listening to people tell stories and has been fascinated by the “messiness” of human behaviour. This led her to Cultural Anthropology which takes a holistic approach to studying people and their communities. She has a passion for ethnographic fieldwork and how the ordinariness of everyday life and daily interactions reveals much about the human condition.

Recently she completed an internship in multilateral diplomacy, where she applied her Anthropological lens to understanding global affairs and navigating the intricacy of international relations taking a particular interest in issues of migration and combatting the trafficking of human beings. In her downtime, she enjoys planning events, exploring new places and learning languages.

She looks forward to contributing to Arcadia as a writer to nurture her academic roots while pursuing applied Anthropology in the workforce.

Specialty Areas:

• Anthropology of Religion
• Immigration & diaspora culture
• Identity & ritual

Isabella Daniele


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