Hamit Can


Hamit Can, born in Shumen, Bulgaria. He studied for a BA in Computer Engineering, Nutrition and Dietetics, Business Administration and MA in Economics, and Ph.D. in Computer Science, Economics. His research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, energy economics, economic growth, sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, and phytotherapy. His paper on “The relationship between renewable energy consumption and economic growth: The case of Bulgaria” won the “Outstanding Paper Award” through the Emerald Publishing for International Journal of Energy Sector Management (IJESM) in 2020. In addition to his research, He serves as a referee for numerous professional journals, including Environmental Science and Pollution Research, International Journal of Energy Sector Management, and International Journal of Social Economics. He serves on the editorial board of CSR and Socially Responsible Investing Strategies in Transitioning and Emerging Economies, Three Seas Economic Journal. He has been cited over 90 times in scientific literature (h-index = 4).

He is passionate about poetry, books, photography, music, and cinema and has a large archive of his favorites in these fields. In addition, he is interested in fitness and running sports. At the same time, the main reason for being a dietitian is his interest in sports and his studies on sports nutrition. He also has internationally accredited certificates in these fields, including The British Dietetic Association (BDA), and The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Hamit Can, whose aim in life is to make the world a better place and to provide maximum benefit to humanity, continues to write and share his scientific and artistic articles in order to realize this passion.

His main specialty areas are:
• Computer Science
• Economics
• Nutrition

Hamit Can