Gréta Ňachajová


Gréta Ňachajová was born in Prešov, Slovakia in 1998. Although her professional journey in the crime-related field has begun by entering the University of finance and administration in Prague, she was astonished by this matter well before. Her university program consisted of criminology, security, and law studies. Greta’s focus during her academic years was aimed at the police interrogation process, later, she narrowed this issue to psychological and tactical aspects of child interrogation which was also the name of her master’s thesis.

Education and preparation in this area required the drawing of a large amount of information from foreign sources, which opened the door for her in a translation-related work environment. During her studies, she was a part of educational organizations where she enriched her knowledge by gaining valuable information from experts from all around the world. Her interest lies mostly in crime-related topics which are connected to psychology. Greta’s passion is exploring through traveling, meeting new people, and educating herself. Currently, she is volunteering at an international crime fiction association where she contributes by writing social media posts.

Her main specialty areas are:

• Criminology
• Security and law
• Criminal psychology

Gréta Ňachajová