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Ghazal Poorhasan Shamchi


Ghazal Poorhasan Shamchi was born on 1981 in Iran.

Her B.A. is in Political Science from Tehran Azad University and she has M.A.s in International Relations from the Luiss School of Government in Rome, Middle Eastern Studies from Sacred Heart University of Milan, and Business Administration from Canadian University of Dubai.

She has managed several business and projects and founder of event organising and fit out companies in United Arab Emirates. At the moment she lives in Italy, where she is focused on research and lecturing. Her main focus is on the Middle East around the concepts of National Security and National interest of the regional players.

She has published on Francis and Taylors online journal, I-com institute per la competitività, Rome and Catholic university of Sacred heart in Milan.

Ghazal Poorhasan Shamchi


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