Gülnida Yıldırım


Gülnida Yıldırım, was born in 1999 in Izmir, Turkey. Recently, she received her BA in Political Science and Public Administration from Hacettepe University. The fields of study that she focused on and improved herself thanks to her undergraduate education are; gender studies, colonial history, nationalization, and the society and politics of the Middle East. After her undergraduate education, she received training in discourse analysis and rights-oriented media studies, and she has been conducting research and studies in these areas.

By reason of her interest in media studies and writing outside of her undergraduate studies, her career goal is to combine the field of political science and media studies. Due to her interest and research in political-social issues and media, she aims to pursue a master's degree in Middle Eastern studies or communication fields that focus on politics and society.

Her specialty areas are:
• Gender Studies
• Colonialism and Postcolonialism
• Nationalism
• Middle Eastern Studies

Gülnida Yıldırım