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Felix Purat


Felix Purat, has been writing as a hobby for many years and currently writes in academia where he seeks a Ph.D. in American Literature at Palacky University. He is regularly on the conference circuit throughout Central Europe. He loves writing for many reasons - the experience, the characters, developing self-knowledge - but most of all, Felix loves the powers literature has to imagine new worlds while uncovering our own secrets through empathy.

Felix’s previous degrees are in International Studies (BA) and Cultural Translation. (MA) He is also the author of several short stories and numerous poems. Before writing, Felix taught English for 6-7 years while cultivating a deep relationship with his native language.

Along with reading, Felix is a serious hobbyist who enjoys traveling, listening to music, craft beer, admiring naive painting, cooking Mexican food, learning foreign languages, and haunting cafes.

His main specialty areas are:
• International Studies
• Cultural Translation
• American Literature

Felix Purat


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