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Federico Piersigilli


Federico Piersigilli was born in 1996 in Fabriano, a town in Central Italy. He soon manifested a deep interest for scientific discoveries and languages.

He first attended University of Macerata, where he graduated in Humanities (majors in History, Philology and Linguistics). He then attended University of Pavia, where he obtained a Master's in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.

He is currently enrolled in the PhD program of Linguistics at University for Foreigners of Perugia, pursuing a project on Minimalist Grammars and Lexical Decomposition. Being inspired by intellectuals like Bertrand Russell and Noam Chomsky, his goal is to pursue a career in scientific research and become a professor.
He lives in Perugia, where, besides his studies, cultivates hobbies like reading, guitars and music, and chess.

Specialty Areas:

• Theoretical Linguistics and Psycholinguistics
• Logic and Philosophy of Language
• Philosophy of Science
• Humanities & Linguistics

Federico Piersigilli


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