Elsa Abdallah


Elsa Abdallah, born on August 12th 2000, is a Lebanese writer from the capital Beirut. She graduated from the Lebanese University with a BA in English Language and Literature. She is currently undertaking a professional master’s degree in Writing and Publishing. Her passion for Literature and the arts drove her to pursue a career within that field.

Elsa is fluent in Arabic, French and English; she has recently started learning Spanish. Her love for words and the fictional worlds they create blossomed in her at a very young age as she has always been an avid reader.

Elsa is now a writer at Arcadia and hopes that this will reward her with indispensable experience and bring her one step closer to publishing her own book someday.

Her main specialties ares are:
• Children’s Literature
• Mythology
• Gender Studies
• Fiction

Elsa Abdallah