Elif Naz Güveniş


Elif Naz Güveniş, studied Comparative Literature at Koç University, Istanbul. She then completed an English Literature MA program at Leiden University, Leiden, where she still resides. She is 27 years old and is from Turkey.

Elif’s academic interests were once Aesthetics, Fantasy Literature, and Queer and Post-Colonial Literature. During her Master’s, she grew an interest in Migrant Literature taking courses on US Immigrant Literature and Literature in Society, focusing on Turkish-German Literature and travel novels. Her master’s thesis discussed two books within the context of the 1960s (Western) Cultural Revolution. It bridged history, focusing on the 1960s Global Liberation Movement to literature. She picked two migration-themed novels from first-generation Turkish-German literature authors, Emine Sevgi Özdamar, and American Literature, James Baldwin.

Simultaneously, she researched the living conditions of Syrian and Afghan refugees residing in Turkey during a six-month-long internship. It is no coincidence that migrant literature has become her focus of interest.

Her main specialty areas:

• Comparative Literature
• English Literature
• Post-Colonial Literature

Elif Naz Güveniş