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Elena Miceli


Elena Miceli was born in 1998 in Rhode Island, United States. Her travels to Spain and Italy led her to studying Spanish and Italian Language and Culture at College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, USA. She also studied Italian architecture and history at Università di Firenze in Florence, Italy and Latin American history and literature at Universidad de Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After completing her studies, she was an English teacher for two years in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. During this time, she worked as a Creative Content Creator and ghost wrote a novella on the history, art, and architecture of the Italian Renaissance. She has several articles published on the topics of Italian culture, travel, and art on Rocky Ruggiero: Making Art and History Come to Life.

Elena’s academic interests of culture and language align well with her personal interests of experiencing the topics she writes about first hand. In the last two years, she has traveled to twenty-nine cities and eleven countries. She currently resides in Madrid, Spain and is looking to further her education in the future with a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. When Elena is not traveling or writing, she is attempting to master Italian cooking with the deftness of an Italian nonna.

Her specialty areas include:

• Renaissance art and architecture
• Art history
• Italian and Spanish culture and history
• English literature

Elena Miceli


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