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Devon Cobos Garcia


Devon Cobos Garcia was born in 1987 in Neptune Beach, Florida, United States of America and now resides in Stonington, Connecticut. She obtained her first Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Florida with a major in Psychology. She also earned her Master of Science in Psychology degree with a track in Mental Health Counseling from Florida International University.

After working for a few years as a mental health counselor, cognitive rehabilitation therapist, and psychometrist, she still felt something was missing from herself and her career. In 2016, she decided to pursue Nursing and conferred her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from her alma mater - the University of North Florida. For the past six years, she has been working as a bedside nurse - five of those years have been spent in her nursing specialty of Perianesthesia Nursing, and she is currently working as a traveling perianesthesia nurse.

Since August 2021, she has been working diligently towards her PhD in Nursing from the University of Arizona and is scheduled to begin her dissertation journey in January 2025. Her scholarship is focused on the enduring well-being of nurses by encouraging self-knowledge experiences (i.e., self-transcendence, self-awareness) through integrative health modalities and counseling techniques. Ultimately, she intends to show how important the implementation of these practices in education systems and healthcare organizations is for the betterment of practitioners, patients, and communities.

Having always been a lover of reading and writing (though not always equipped with the time to do it for pleasure as much as she'd like), she has recently become acquainted with Medical Writing and Editing and is excited for the opportunities her PhD will bring her in this field. She is an avid and experienced traveler, trains for half marathons and marathons, practices hot yoga, loves her orange tabby [Cheeto], and enjoys experiencing new coffee shops, wineries, breweries, bookstores, hikes, and trails with her husband.

Her main specialty areas are:

• Nursing Science and Research
• Nursing Philosophy, Theory, and Psychology
• Integrative Health, Nursing, and Medicine
• Perianesthesia Nursing

Her other interest areas are:

• Psychoneuroimmunology
• Contemplative Neuroscience

Devon Cobos Garcia


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