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Debora Ricci


Debora Ricci was born in Italy in 1998. She completed a BA in Languages for International and Business communication, specializing in English and French, at the University of Siena. She eventually pursued her studies with a master in Languages, comparative literature and intercultural translation in Perugia, graduating with a dissertation in French literature. Next year, she is going to start a PhD in Modern literature in Montpellier, France.

She has professional experiences as a teacher, librarian, curator and translator both in Italy and abroad.

Throughout the years, she has combined her academic and professional experiences with her passion for literature. Her research revolves around using literary works as a means of scrutinizing social issues as well as cultural differences. Her interests concern all forms of art, from figurative arts to music and cinema as well as philosophy. She loves travelling, discovering new countries and exchanging with people from all over the world.

Her specialty areas are:

• French language and literature
• English language, sociolinguistics and literature
• Italian literature
• Renaissance studies

Debora Ricci


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