David Saeteros


David Saeteros, was born in October 1994 in a large Ecuadorian family.

He spent most of his early years growing up in Guayaquil, reading as many books as his modest family stipend could allow. In his early adolescence, he started writing his own fantasy novel which is collecting dust someplace safe in Ecuador, and has been passionate about writing ever since.

After high school, he did a brief side quest in Bogotá to study Philosophy and Humanities and discovered a new way of expressing himself through writing: academic research. After two years, he came back to his country to study Psychology just to keep studying it in Barcelona, first as a Master student and now as a PhD student. His passion to understand how people work is currently driving his doctoral studies in which he is devoting most of his time to learn how personality and situations influence our life decisions.

His main specialty areas are:

• Personality, Geographical and Political Psychology
• Existentialism
• Myths

David Saeteros