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Chiara Mamini


Chiara Mamini was born in 1998 in Ravenna, Italy. She showed a great interest in the humanities from an early age and decided to pursue it by studying Foreign Languages and Literature in high school, where she obtained a French-Italian double diploma.

She then chose to continue her education at Ca' Foscari University in Venice, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Language Sciences and International Relations. Throughout her university years, she was able to delve deeper into the field of international law and European affairs, while keeping alive her love for languages and literature. During this time, she became increasingly aware of civil and human rights issues, as well as environmental matters. She also developed a strong interest in journalism and communication, fascinated by the role it plays in society.

Words are the common thread that connects all of her passions, as she has always been captivated by the power they have in shaping our understanding of the world. Reading, writing, music, and sports are her hobbies, but outside of the academic environment, she is committed to expanding her experience in translation and communication through volunteer and freelance projects.

Her specialty areas are:

• International relations and European affairs
• Language studies
• Society and human rights

Chiara Mamini


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