Charlie Hartley-O’Dwyer


Charlie Hartley-O’Dwyer, was born in the capital of England, London in 1998. From a young age, Charlie showed a keen interest in history, becoming fascinated with the events of the First World War in primary school. His passion for literature came later in his school career and he enjoys novels dealing with the issue of race in Western Society. Charlie completed his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and History from Sussex University in 2021 where he developed his understanding or racial theroies in English and started to engage in History prior to the 20th century outside of a eurocentric sphere.

Since university, Charlie worked as a Marketing Assistant for an events company and, whilst he enjoyed working collaboratively for a shared goal, he enjoyed creating longer formed social media content and it furthered his desire to improve his writing craft after university.

In his spare time, Charlie enjoys boxing, running and the gym. He has always been a fitness fanatic and relishes the challenges this gives him. Additionally, he enjoys playing chess- a skill which he picked up over lockdown and reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction.

His main specialty areas:

• ISport in society.
• IPresentation of race in Western Literature.
• IThe Cold War.

Charlie Hartley-O’Dwyer