Camille Rebouillat-Sarti


Camille Rebouillat-Sarti, was born in California (USA) in 2000. She is an aspiring writer who grew up between France and Russia, and now lives in London. She initially completed a bachelor’s degree in Physics at King’s College in 2020, before being awarded a master's degree in Creative, Digital and Professional Writing from London Metropolitan University in 2021. 

Through her parents, both medical doctors and tireless travellers, she discovered the passion for science as well as the beauty of the African continent that would inspire her so much throughout her academic studies. These interests indeed led her to research, as such, how the British secret service (MI5) investigated atomic physicists during the Cold War, or media representations of fur and leather, but also to conduct interviews on South Africa’s canned hunting industry as part as her master’s. 

In parallel, Camille also has a strong sensitivity to education, as a private science and maths tutor for high-school students – an activity for which she has created her own company and is currently hoping to expand. Besides her studies and work, she enjoys sports, spending time in nature, anthropology, screenwriting, and creative writing in general. One of her nonfiction pieces was recently published in Elegant Literature. 

Her specialty areas are : 
● Physics & History of Science
● Storytelling
● Education
● Nature

Camille Rebouillat-Sarti