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Céline Arslane


Born in 2003, Céline Arslane was raised in Lebanon, a small country in the Middle East. From a very young age, Céline devoured series of books making this hobby her escape from reality. She was educated in a trilingual school making French, English and Arabic her everyday languages. She graduated High School with a diploma in Biology, English Literature, and History, Geography, Political Science and Geopolitics.

Later, Céline decided to combine her 2 passions and make them her university path. Since 2021, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Clinical and Pathological Psychology with a minor in History and International Relations at Saint-Joseph University of Beirut. In fact, Céline can spend hours watching documentaries about human mind, psychological case studies, historical facts, and especially ancient Egypt.

Céline has many passions such as painting, drawing, writing, traveling, watching Netflix and Muay-Thai. Anything that promotes well-being and intrapersonal peace.

For many years, Céline engaged herself in many different professional paths starting from sustainability to business development, and HR. However, she never found like she belonged in any of these fields. She believes that life is too short not to pursue your dreams. Therefore, she started writing aiming to becoming one day a big writer. One step at a time, she started by participating in a national writing competition and luckily, she won the first prize giving her a push in her writing career.

Céline defines herself as passionate, rebellious, and revolutionary. Coming from a background where writing doesn’t meet society’s standards and where the liberty of expression is limited, she loves to write about the unsaid and raise awareness about taboo topics.

Areas of expertise:

• Clinical and Pathological Psychology
• History and International Relations
• Literature and Human Rights in the Middle East

Céline Arslane


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