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Bui Le Hoang Yen


Yen Bui, was born in Vietnam in 1990. She has a strong background and experience in law. She received a Bachelor's Degree in International law, a Master's Degree in Civil Law in Vietnam and a Master's Degree in Intellectual Property Law and IT Law in Germany. She also completed 02 national bar exams.

She has six years of experience working in the most extensive court in Vietnam as a Court Clerk. In addition, she is the author of many legal articles and initiatives and has won many certificates of merit from the Supreme Court of Vietnam. In 2019, she changed to work in a Law firm in Vietnam since its founding as an Associate. Besides law, she has a great passion for art. She worked as a producer assistant in the creative department for a foreign media company in Vietnam for two years after she graduated from university in 2012.

Currently, she lives in Germany and is passionate about protecting works of art by law; therefore, she focuses on developing her career and specialising in intellectual property law.

Her speciality areas:
- Intellectual property law
- Data protection regulations
- Civil law

Bui Le Hoang Yen


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