Bastien Poole


Bastien Poole, was born in London, in 1998. In 2019 he graduated from Newcastle University with a Bacherlor of Arts degree in Sociology. After graduating he went on to explore a handful of different potential careers, before discovering a love for copywriting while working as a digital marketing assistant.

Although he enjoyed his time in the marketing industry, Bastien wishes to develop his writing talents to work with clients on a more personal level, exploring some of the social issues they face in their everyday lives that first drew him to the field of Sociology. In particular, one of his main pieces of research in the past involved working with people suffering from skin conditions to understand how their condition has affected their quality of life, a topic he can empathies with having experiences with acne and seborrheic dermatitis in the past.

In his spare time, Bastien can be found reading and writing creative fiction, listening to a wide variety of music, and playing video games.

His speciality areas are:
● Sexuality
● Health and Illness
● Culture and Personal Identity

Bastien Poole