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Artemis Garantoudi


Garantoudi Artemis was born in Athens (Greece) in 1998.

From 2016 to 2021 she graduated with her Bachelor with Honors in Psychology (Deree - The American College of Greece, Open University (UK)) and since Spring of 2022 she has been studying for her MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology (University of York), where she is now conducting her dissertation on VRET therapy on specific phobias. She also has a foundation's degree from Panteion University of Social Sciences in Child & Developmental psychology, as well as a 2 year psychotherapeutic training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) with a 1 year supervision by ICAT.

In 2020 she worked with an established psychiatrist in his private practice for a year and in 2021/2022 she did a residency in the Psychiatric Department of the Red Cross Hospital in Athens (Korgialeneio/Benakeio), where she was present during psychotherapeutic sessions, psychiatric emergencies as well as psychological monitoring and care of in hospital patients.

In 2018 and until now she is a research assistant of the University of Patras, where she has assisted in all processes of the research procedure from research design and data collection to publication and conference presentations.

Currently, she is working in the grantmaking processes under the Health Initiative (SNF), she is conducting psychotherapeutic sessions with clients as well as being a tutor on psychology topics.

Areas of interest/specialty:

• Neuropsychology
• Research in Psychology
• Developmental Psychology

Artemis Garantoudi


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