Antonio Verolino


Antonio Verolino, was born in Salerno (Italy) in 1995. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Classical Humanities from the University of Salerno and a master’s degree in Theoretical and applied linguistics from the University of Pavia. He furthermore cultivated his interest in language from a clinical perspective as well. He is currently going to obtain a second bachelor’s degree in speech and language therapy.

His main areas of research pertain language and linguistics with a particular focus on psycho-linguistics, neuro-linguistics, and language acquisition mechanisms. As far as the clinical aspects of language, Antonio grew fond of language and speech delay (in both first and second language) and aphasia.

Beyond his interest in language, Antonio writes for a LGBT+ magazine and actively supports equal rights of minorities. As a future speech therapist, Antonio is also strongly interested in swallowing and voice disorders. As side interests, he is passionate about copy writing and graphic design as well.

His main specialty areas are:

• Language acquisition mechanisms
• Language disorders
• Theoretical linguistics

Antonio Verolino