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Angelina Fedorova


Angelina Fedorova was born in 1999 in Russia. After completing high school, she moved to Bulgaria to pursue her bachelor's degree at American University in Bulgaria. After a year of studies there, Angelina relocated to Prague to continue her studies. She attended the University of New York in Prague with the cooperation of Empire State College. In June 2021, Angelina graduated from Empire State College, getting a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication. During her studies, she developed a keen interest in researching gender, feminist, film, and culture studies. Angelina dedicated most of her research article to analyzing the representation of women in the movie industry, trying to understand the impact of social and cultural factors on the image of this social group in films and sitcoms throughout the decades. Additionally, she focused her research on environmental studies. She linked them to the coverage of environmental issues in different media outlets to understand what role social movements take in people's lives and society.

In the summer of 2022, Angelina took a TEFL online course to become a certified English teacher. She believes that knowledge and the exchange of experiences connect people and offer an opportunity to see the world from different perspectives, challenge herself and open new things constantly. Currently, she works as an online English tutor and volunteers at TORUS Transforms, helping immigrants learn English.

Apart from working, Angelina enjoys doing yoga, working with clay, and practicing creative writing. She finds inspiration in these grounding activities that allow her to find balance in various spheres of her life.

Her main specialty areas are:

• Gender and feminism studies
• Film
• Environmental Studies

Angelina Fedorova


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