Andrea Taborri


Andrea Taborri, was born in Florence (Italy) in 1996. He completed his Bachelor in “Economic Development and International Cooperation” in April 2020 with a thesis titled “Trade Unions and their International Dimensions; How Trade Unions React to Globalization”.

In June 2022 he graduated from Leiden University (The Netherlands) in “International Relations- Global Political Economy”, a program that approaches the main issues of the world economy from an international relations standpoint. His Master’s thesis title is “The CCSCS and Mercosur; A Neo-Gramscian Perspective on Economic Integration in Latin America”. Besides his studies, Andrea did an internship at FIOM-CGIL Firenze, the local trade union of steelworkers where he acquired a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the labour market, as well as he wrote two articles for the online review Furthermore, and besides all that, he has always been working as a waiter and receptionist. Andrea enjoys being in multicultural and international environments, which led him to spend a semester in Lisbon and a whole year in Madrid.

His hobbies are sports (specifically football) and reading. He is academically interested in the study of economic and political integration and how it affects labour and labour organizations. Other interests are labour inequalities, industrial relations, and social movements.

Her specialty areas include:

· Economic Development and International Cooperation
· International Relations- Global Political Economy
· Economic Integration in Latin America

Andrea Taborri